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“Very funny, very touching, very truthful - a total delight to read.” JACQUELINE WILSON

Billy Plimpton LOVES jokes and wants to be a stand up comedian when he's older. There is just one problem - he thinks that he can't fulfil his comedy dreams until he gets rid of his stammer.


The idea for this story came from Helen's son, Lenny, who has a stammer - she wanted to write the book that he would love to read, starring a child like him. She hopes that children will be able to relate to feeling unheard, different from the rest and unable to find their voice. 

The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh was released in Feb 2021 by Scholastic in the UK and the US. It has also been sold in Germany, Russia, Holland, France and Italy.

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Cover Illustration by Andrew Bannecker. Design by Liam Drane

‘Amazing’ Noel Fielding.

So funny and joyful’ RACHEL PARRIS

"This incredible debut tugs at your heartstrings and makes you laugh out loud in equal measure. I guarantee you'll be cheering along in the final pages!" Lisa Thompson, bestselling author of THE GOLDFISH BOY.

‘As warm and wise as it is funny’ SHAPPI KHORSANDI

‘Big-hearted and poignant’


‘Entertaining, endearing, emotional and brimming with empathy, it’s like Wonder with one-liners.’

SCOTT EVANS, The Reader Teacher

‘An honest and thoughtful tale that bubbles over with humour and wisdom. This is the kind of story that leaves a deep impression way beyond the close of its pages.’


'It made me punch the air with delight. It made me cry and it made me laugh. It's such a beautiful piece of work. Billy Plimpton is my hero.’ MARCUS BRIGSTOCKE
‘Readers can’t help but come away from this book changed and better equipped to accept and support anyone who is struggling’ SCOPE FOR IMAGINATION

‘Inspiration, heart-warming & funny, this is a book that everybody’s going to want to read.’

‘This book is a great way of showing children how to be confident and winners by having a sense of humour and making others laugh.’  FLOELLA BENJAMIN

‘Can’t wait to recommend it to customers when it’s published!’@CHRISWHO63, Waterstones bookseller

‘Uplifting and laugh out loud funny’


‘A gorgeous book about being brave, being kind and being yourself. Genuinely funny and full of heart.’

EILEEN ARMSTRONG, school librarian

‘This is a book which all teachers should read.’WORLDS SMALLEST LIBRARY

‘An incredibly moving and uplifting portrayal of one boy’s struggle to find his voice.’
JENNY PEARSON, author of The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

‘Helen’s book is an inspiration to both parents and children living with stammering. She uses laughter and honesty to create a brilliant book that I could not stop reading.’CHARLOTTE MOORE, Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

‘A laugh out loud story, the like of which I’ve never heard before.’


"A wonderful storyteller." Phil Earle.
"A wonderful book." Marcus Brigstocke.
Cover Illustration by Andrew Bannecker. Design by Liam Drane